Yes we Baptise/Christen babies, children and adults of all ages.

What is baptism/christening?

This is were in the case of babies and children parents come to church and make a profession of their faith in Jesus as their saviour and Lord. Of course adults can make their own profession of faith and are then baptised as members of the church.

Why do the parents need to answer for their children.

We do this because babies and young children cannot answer for themselves, and therefore their parents answer on their behalf.

This of course raises the question what does it mean to be a christian and what does it mean for Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour.

To answer this question all families that come asking for baptism/christening are asked to first complete the Christianity Explored Course with us and to come to church during this six week period before the baptism/christening.



Does having your baby baptised make them christians, sleep better or better children? Well the answer is no to all the questions. What it does is says that God will treat you child as one of His family until they are old enough to decide for themselves. At that point it is between them and God. It then requires the young person to make a profession of their own faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour for themselves.

Having said that it is the right thing to do for your child to want them to be one of God’s family and to enjoy life and eternity with God. Parents rightly want the best for their children and being with God forever is the best any parent can do for their children. However, baptism alone isn’t enough, you need to want the same for yourself and model this and teach your children to love and honour God by bringing them to church and reading to them and praying with them.

What does it cost is a frequent question we are asked?          The answer is nothing, as baptism is a service of the church for christians and isn’t for sale. You can come be baptised or have your children baptised and there is no cost nor is there any obligation for you to make a donation; it is God’s gift to you for your trust in him and wanting identify yourself as one of his people a christian.